Introducing the Bonita Shepherd University Access Program

In memory of its very first student, The Halifax Humanities Society is pleased to name its University Access Program in honour of Bonita Shepherd.

Bonita Shepherd was a groundbreaker, not only in being the first to apply to the Halifax Humanities full-year class, but also in taking up the possibility of continuing on to university classes. The Bonita Shepherd University Access Program is offered to the graduates of The Halifax Humanities Society, with the support of the five metro Halifax Universities, Dalhousie, King’s College, Mount St. Vincent, NSCADU and Saint Mary’s, and Nova Scotia Community College. Each of these universities provides an opportunity for graduates of Halifax Humanities to audit or take for credit a class without tuition fees.

To quote the beautiful obituary that announced her passing earlier this year: “Bonita was an enthusiastic member of Halifax Humanities, an organization that provides classes and seminars in ancient and modern culture for students who were never able to attend or complete university. Many of the students, Bonita included, went on to take courses at King’s, Dalhousie, and other sponsoring universities. Bonita belonged to this organization from the very start some seventeen years ago. She served on the Board of Governors and had long-term friendships with the teachers and students, impressing all with her engagement and belief in the value of her education, as well as her lively and forthright opinions.” Right to the end of her life, Bonita was concerned with humanities education, and she brought this passion into her active involvement in her community and into her connection to social outreach in Halifax. Bonita Shepherd very much stood for what Halifax Humanities is all about, and the Board of Halifax Humanities is delighted and honoured to recognize her work and her commitment through the Bonita Shepherd University Access Program.