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Halifax Humanities Society


The 10th Weldon Literary Moot (Online!) – The Trial of Frankenstein

March 5, 2021

Join us on Zoom on March 5 at 7:00pm AST for the 10th Annual Literary Moot in support of Halifax Humanities. 

The Weldon Literary Moot is an evening of legal theatre organized by students at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. Students make up a legal case based on events from a work of literature. That case is then hotly argued by third-year students and practising lawyers in a mock trial.

This year, Frankenstein’s Monster will not only be meeting his maker... he’ll be suing him, too.

Sponsored by Stewart McKelvey, Pink Larkin, McInnes Cooper, and Cox & Palmer.

Get your tickets here:

Frankenstein Poster

FAUST LIVE! – Marlowe and Goethe in 24 hours

Nov 22 - 23, 2019.

7pm - 7pm. University of King's College, KTS Lecture Hall. 

faustOver the course of 24 hours, teams of readers will be working their way through two great plays about a man who makes an ill-fated deal with the Devil: Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, and Goethe’s Faust: Parts 1 & 2.

Come and join us to hear about all of the devilish hijinks that ensue!

There is no admission fee for this event, but donations will be gratefully accepted at the door, and teams of      readers will be collecting pledges in support of our program. To donate to this event online, please visit  us    here! If you're supporting a particular Faust Live team, be sure to indicate which one in the message box.

Your donations will help Halifax Humanities continue to provide free, non-credit, university-level courses in    the humanities to adults living on low incomes in the HRM.


Friday, November 22 7pm Dr. Faustus, Act 1

"Children of Thespis" - The Fountain School of Performing Arts

David Nicol, Jure Gantar, Matthew Walker, Dawn Brandes

  8pm Dr. Faustus, Acts 2 & 3

"The Faust and the Furious" - FYP Faculty

Hilary Ilkay, Sarah Clift, Simon Kow, Daniel Brandes, Lisa Gregory 

  9pm Dr. Faustus, Acts 4 & 5

"The Five Fine Faustian Fellows" - University Presidents

Bill Lahey, Neale Bennet, Bill Barker, Peter O'Brien, George Cooper 


Faust Part 1 - Dedication, Prologue, Prelude, Scene 1


The King's Chapel
  11pm Faust Part 1 -Scenes 2 & 3

Peter Glenister, Susan Dodd, Gillian Webster

Saturday, November 23 12 am  Faust Part 1 - Scene 4

Storm and Pressurized Existence

Rachel O'Brien, Caleb Mendel, Chelsea McMillen, Ghislaine Sinclair, Gill Gawron, Iloe Ariss and Jacob Hermant

  1am Faust Part 1 - Scenes 5 & 6

Weldon Literary Moot 

Erik Coates, Clare Robinson, Stephen Deturbide

  2am Faust Part 1 - Scenes 7-12

The Breakfast Club

Lindsey Mace, Sophie Miliner, Lauren Kruisselbrink, Clara Van Maltzahn

  3am Faust Part 1 - Scenes 13-19

Kerri Lawrence

  4am Faust Part 1 - Scenes 20 & 21

Hazel Woo

  5am Faust Part 1 - Scenes 22-25

Emma Oliver and friends

  6am Faust Part 2 - Act 1, Scenes 1 & 2

Team KSU

Sam Sharp and friends

  7am Faust Part 2 - Act 1, Scene 3

It's All A-Faust Us

Jessica Hannaford, Olivia Cook

  8am Faust Part 2 - Act 1, Scenes 4-7

Mark Penny and friends


Faust Part 2, Act 2, Scenes 1-3 (beginning)


Early Modern Studies Society
  10am Faust Part 2, Act 2, Scene 3 (middle)

Austin Hiltz, Izzy Cout

  11am Faust Part 2, Act 2, Scene 3 (end)

"Hellbound Hearts" - The Villains Theatre

Lara Lewis and friends

  12pm Faust Part 2, Act 3, Scene 1

"The Board Walkers" - Halifax Humanities Board

Michael Heller, Rose Adams, Eli Diamond, Neil Robertson, Robert Beaman, Grace Morris

  1pm Faust Part 2 - Act 3, Scene 2

John Kavanagh and friends


  2pm Faust Part 2 - Act 3, Scene 3


  3pm Faust Part 2, Act 4, Scene 1

"The High Mountaineers"

Brian Flemming, Mary Lu Redden, Laura Penny

  4pm Faust Part 2 - Act 4, Scenes 2-3

Team NDP

Lisa Roberts and family

  5pm Faust Part 2 - Act 5, Scenes 1-5

"Die Teufel" - Dalhousie German Department

Brigid Garvey and friends


Faust Part 2, Act 5, Scenes 6-7


Halifax Humanities Students


Weldon Literary Moot 2019 - The Trial of Dracula 

Literature's most famous vampire will be at the Weldon Law Building at a trial of his own death.

The Weldon Literary Moot Court Society is proud to present The Trial of Dracula! Dracula is suing Dr. Van Helsing for wrongful death. But can you kill the undead? If so, is it wrongful?

The event will take place Wednesday, March 20 at 7:30pm in Room 105, Schulich School of Law, 6061 University Ave. Tickets are $12, or $8 for Dalhousie students, and they will be available at the door. There will also be raffle tickets for a prize basket of goodies! All proceeds from the event will go towards the Halifax Humanities Society

Come out for a fun night of legal drama. Bring your garlic!

Moot Poster


DANTE LIVE! Dante's Divine Comedy in 24 hours

Nov 24 & 25, 2018.

12pm - 12pm. University of King's College, Alumni Hall. 

"The Last Judgement" Dante's masterwork The Divine Comedy will be brought to life by teams of readers over the course of 24 hours, from noon on Saturday, November 24 to noon on Sunday, November 25! 

Come and join us to hear about Dante's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. 

There is no admission fee for this event, but donations will be gratefully accepted at the door, and teams of readers will be collecting pledges in support of our program. To donate to this event online, please visit  us here! If you're supporting a particular Dante Live team, be sure to indicate which one in the message box.

Your donations will help Halifax Humanities continue to provide free, non-credit, university-level courses in the humanities to adults living on low incomes in the HRM.

Saturday, November 24 12pm (Noon) Inferno, Cantos 1-4

"Team Theatre Studies" - Fountain School of Performing Arts 

Roberta "The She-Wolf" Barker, David "The Lion" Nicol, Jure "The Leopard" Gantar

  1pm Inferno, Cantos 5-8

"The Lustful, Gluttonous, Wrathful Tutors" - FYP Tutors

Daniel Brandes, Sarah Clift, Chris Cohoon, Asha Jeffers, Michelle Wilband, Elisabeth Stones

  2pm Inferno, Cantos 9-12

"The Board Baddies" - Halifax Humanities Board Members  

Rose Adams, Neil Robertson, Kathleen Jaeger, Michael Heller, Grace Morris, Robert Beamon, Mern O’brien, John Brett, Kenzie MacKinnon, Rick Canning

  3pm Inferno, Cantos 13-16

"Information Mourning" - CBC Radio

Portia Clark

  4pm Inferno, Cantos 17-20

"The Fraud Squad"

John Kavanagh, Anne Mason-Browne, Lynda Campbell, Michael Herrick

  5pm Inferno, Cantos 21-24

"The Grappling Demons" - McInnes Cooper

Melissa Pike, Peter L’Esperance, Douglas Tupper, Kevin Gibson, Anne Gibson, Edwin Gibson

  6pm Inferno, Cantos 25-29

"Malicious Malebolges" - University Presidents

Bill Lahey, Bill Barker, Neale Bennet, Peter O’Brien

  7pm Inferno, Cantos 30-34

"When Hell Freezes Over"

Leah Simonot and friends

  8pm Purgatory, Cantos 1-4

"Cato's Confidants" 

Dalhousie Classics Department

  9pm Purgatory, Cantos 5-8

"Angelic Warriors"

Elizabeth Edwards, Ron Huebert

  10pm Purgatory, Cantos 9-12

"Dante Dreamers" - NDP MLAs

Gary Burrill, Susan Leblanc, Lisa Roberts

  11pm Purgatory, Cantos 13-16

"The Canto Cantors" - King's Chorus

Alison Kitt, Nico Fortier, Nikolai Cronin, Joanna Daley, Jamie Whitley, Tim Lapp, Cameron Lowe, Hazel Carbonaro, Alan Rempel, Meghan Kitt, Megan Krempa, Sarah Griffin, Apol Perri, Karis Tees, Katy Cook

Sunday, November 25 12am Purgatory, Cantos 17-20

"The Don-tes"

University of King's College Dons

  1am Purgatory, Cantos 21-24

"Godly Gluttons" - Weldon Literary Moot Society

Erik Coates, Clare Robinson

  2am Purgatory, Cantos 25-28

"Almost Paradise"

Sam Barringer

  3am Purgatory, Cantos 29-33

"Eggs in Hell"

Caleb Mendel, Caleb Sher, Frances Grace Fyfe, Gill Gawron, Iloe Ariss, Jacob Hermant, Lucia Helder, Miranda Rizsanyi, Ruth Ballard, Stuart Harden, Rachel O'Brien, Ghislaine Sinclair

  4am Paradise, Cantos 1-4


Patsy Ginou, Nick Harris, Frances Hayward, Brendan Kay, Adam Innis, Sef Everest, Sol, Angela Petrakos, and Maddie McIvor

  5am Paradise, Cantos 5-8

"The Sleepy Seekers"

Dawn Brandes and friends

  6am Paradise, Cantos 9-12

"It's Always Sunny in Paradise"

Hope Moon, Sierra Farman, Audrey Chan, Liz Wolfenden, Julia Dobrowolski, Sophia Tonks, Annie Mccarthy, Brenna Bagnell, Khalil Tuff

  7am Paradise, Cantos 13-16


Leela Shamash, Luke Cameron, Willum Watt, Abby Hunter, Lara Van De Venter

  8am Paradise, Cantos 17-20

"The Sparkling Eagles"

Amy Bird, Susan Dodd, Peter Glenister, Glenn Walton

  9am Paradise, Cantos 21-24

"Sexy Mary and the Saturn Soul Searchers" - Early Modern Studies Society

Katy Weatherly, Helen Hillis, Keenan Livingstone, Emma Steinke, Hilary Ilkay, Zoe Sherwin

  10am Paradise, Cantos 25-28

"A Thousand Points of Papal Light"

Brian Flemming, Laura Penny, and Mary Lu Redden

  11am Paradise, Cantos 29-33

"The Love that Moves the Stars" - Halifax Humanities Students and Volunteers

Grace Morris, Robert Beamon, Stephen Wile, Paul Bowlby, Scott MacDougall, Laura Beaver, Ceci Thomson, Linda Vanasse




Nov 24 & 25, 7pm - 7pm. University of King's College, Alumni Hall. 
Come out and listen to Odysseus's trials and tribulations read by groups of readers from all over the HRM! Beginning at 7pm on Friday, November 24, our first team of readers will begin reading the first Book of The Odyssey. For the next 24 hours, teams will read a book an hour until 7pm on Saturday, November 25. By the end of the event, we will have read all 24 books of The Odyssey over the course of 24 hours! Creativity is encouraged - in past versions of Odyssey Live, some groups have taken turns reading from a podium, while others have added props and costumes, and still others have brought along musical instruments.
There is no admission fee to this event - donations for Halifax Humanities will be gratefully accepted at the door, and teams will be collecting pledges leading up to the event!
If you would like to pledge your support, please visit us here! If you're supporting a particular Odyssey Live team, be sure to indicate which one in the message box.
Your donations will help Halifax Humanities continue to provide free, non-credit, university-level courses in the humanities to adults living on low incomes in the HRM.

'Each Book A Drum - Ten Years of Halifax Humanities'

On May 28, at the University of Kings' College we launched our tenth anniversary anthology, Each Book a Drum. This volume celebrates 10 years of a unique and life-transforming educational experience where adults living on low incomes come together with university professors to discuss and read together great texts of Western Civilization such as Homer's Odyssey, Dante's Divine Comedy, Shakespeare's Othello, and Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex. A great read for those who care about education and who want to take a journey of the mind as seen from very different points of view. We are honoured that George Elliott Clarke, Poet Laureate of Toronto, and Honourary Patron of Halifax Humanities, has written our preface.
It is now available in Halifax at BookMark on Spring Garden Rd. and at the University of Kings College Bookstore. It is also available from

Coming Soon!

24 Teams of readers including politicians, media personalities, university presidents, professors and students, and even high school students raised $24,000 in 24 hours!Check us out on YouTube! Click on the images below to zoom in.

Premier Darrell Dexter is welcomed to Odyssey Live by Halifax Humanities Director, Mary Lu Reden and Board Chairman, Brian Flemming.

Bill Barker, President of Kings 
reading Book 2

Premier Darrell Dexter reads the opening of Book 4 with the team representing independent bookstores in Halifax. Introducing the team is Brian Flemming, Chairman of Halifax Humanities 101

Alexa McDonough of MSVU 
reading Book 2

Book 20 was presented with great dramatic flair by the NDP team calling themselves "The Ruling Party". The book was acted out by MLAs Howard Epstein, Leonard Preyra and Lenore Zann, with stage manager Mary MacLachlan and director Mary Vingoe

McInnes Cooper Law Team

MLA Lenore Zann in full cry as the goddess Athena robed in purple.

Check us out on YouTube!


From Oct. 3 – 5th, 2008 the first annual conference of Clemente programs in Canada was held at the University of Calgary .

Earl Shorris was the featured speaker. Helen Langille, one of 2 class valedictorians from the very first class of Halifax Humanities 101, attended along with the Director, Mary Lu Redden. It was wonderful to meet and have dialogue with representatives from the 10 Clemente style programs across Canada . The programs have different courses of study and administrative structures, but all are committed to the vision of bringing the best Humanities education to those whose low incomes make university education inaccessible.

For more on this conference and what was learned, please click here. 

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