Halifax Humanities 101

Join our free course modelled after the curriculum of the Foundation Year Program at the University of King’s College! The class is a “Great Books” program where students will read works of Western literature, philosophy, political theory, and theology, and look at works of art. The course moves chronologically, beginning in Ancient Mesopotamia and ending in the present day. Along the way, we think about big themes like beauty, justice, community, and power.

Halifax Thinks

Halifax Thinks

Halifax Thinks is an opportunity for those interested in philosophy, literature, and art to take a University-level course that works with your busy schedule. Its curriculum is based on the interdisciplinary Great Books model offered in the Foundation Year Programme (FYP) at the University of King’s College. Students receive 12 recorded lectures written and delivered by FYP and Dal professors which …

Perspectives Online Course

In Fall 2020 and again in Fall 2021, Halifax Humanities offered its first online course, Perspectives. The goal of the class was to introduce students from across the province to the process of studying philosophy, literature, and art in a welcoming, accessible, online environment. The class ran for six weeks, and students met online via Zoom twice a week from …