COVID-19 Response

In-person community is at the core of our mandate. That being said, COVID-19 has changed the way we live and gather, and will likely continue to do so into the new year. We are committed to continuing our work in light of this new reality.

In March 2020, when public spaces rapidly shut down in the face of COVID-19, we quickly moved our classes online. As we prepare for our 16th year of operation with this new COVID reality in mind, we will be making a few adjustments to our programming in 2020/21.

Halifax Humanities 101 will run from January – June in 2021. We are delaying the start of our flagship class this year in the hopes that we will know more about the second wave of the virus, and will be better prepared to successfully offer this class online.

Technology will become part of our program delivery. We have partnered with the Halifax Public Libraries in order to get students access to the technology they need to take the course.

We’re offering a new class in the Fall called “Perspective 2020.” This course will run 6-8 weeks, fully online, and it gives students just a taste of the kind of work we do in Halifax Humanities 101. Students will read and discuss a work of literature, a work of philosophy, and a series of works of art in order to think about the question: how does our perspective change the way we see the world? If you are interested in Halifax Humanities 101 but worry about the time commitment or the commute to our regular library classroom, this course might be for you! Students may take this course on its own, or they may take it as preparation for 101 beginning in the Winter.