Board of Governors

Chair:                           Dr. Neil Robertson, King’s College

Vice Chair:                   Dr. Susan Dodd, King’s College

Secretary:                    Dr. Eli Diamond, Dalhousie

Treasurer:                   Mr. Peter Glenister, MSVU Librarian (Retired)

Members at Large:    

Ms. Rose Adams, NSCAD University

Mr. John Archambault, HH101 Graduate, Class of 2018

Mr. Robert Beaman, HH101 Valedictorian, Class of 2016

Mr. Tim Blades, HH101 Graduate, Class of 2017

Ms. Sophie Chaisson, North Star Immigration Law                          

Dr. Patricia Conrad, Health Systems and Policy Research Consultant

Mr. Michael Heller, Kanayo Software

Mr. Michael Herrick, Retired Teacher

Ms. Amy Ingersoll, HH101 Valedictorian, Class of 2020

Mr. John Kavanagh, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency