Introducing the Bonita Shepherd University Access Program

In memory of its very first student, The Halifax Humanities Society is pleased to name its University Access Program in honour of Bonita Shepherd. Bonita Shepherd was a groundbreaker, not only in being the first to apply to the Halifax Humanities full-year class, but also in taking up the possibility of continuing on to university classes. The Bonita Shepherd University …

Alice in Wonderland LIVE

On Saturday, May 28th between noon and 5:30pm, teams of readers for a marathon reading Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic Alice in Wonderland. Teams will be collecting pledges in support of Halifax Humanities. Access the Livestream here to join in on the fun! To make a donation, click here. See our teams below! 12pm – Kavanagh Family 1pm – Kavanagh Friends …

Marathon Reading Fundraisers

Our biggest fundraising each year consists of a marathon reading of a classic work of literature. Teams of readers take on the responsibility of performing a section of the text and collecting donations in support of their participation. By the end of the event (usually 24 hours later!), we have heard the whole text read from start to finish.

Graduation Ceremony

graduation ceremony

At the end of every term, we celebrate the achievements of our Halifax Humanities 101 students at a graduation ceremony attended by their friends, families, and professors. Graduation 2020 – A Year Like No Other In 2020, when COVID-19 made an in-person graduation impossible, we created a virtual graduation for our students. You can see the results below. Graduation 2019

Weldon Literary Moot

Each year, law students and faculty from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, along with local lawyers, judges, and actors, create a mock trial of a literary figure as a fundraiser in support of The Halifax Humanities Society. 2022: Hood on Trial – A Fundraiser for Halifax Humanities On Thursday, March 10th at 7:30pm, Dalhousie law students will …