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Halifax Humanities Society

What our teachers say about us

  • I enjoyed the interaction with participants immensely – and I could tell they enjoyed the intellectual engagement just as much
  • Halifax Humanities students are more eager to learn and more appreciative of the opportunity to do so.
  • I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the students.
  • (Best part of your involvement?) A chance to talk about stuff that I think is wonderful and important with people who are interested – what more could you want?
  • (Best part of your involvement?) A feeling that the material I teach, ostensibly remote and superfluous to the “real life” concerns of so many participants, was of vital interest to them.
  • I found that the students had an engagement with the ideas presented that was genuine, candid, and at times profound.
  • I find the Halifax Humanities students’ intelligence and commitment to be on average higher than that of my usual students at Dalhousie.

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